The conference will take place in a variety of venues on campus and in the city of Dublin. Trinity College is located in the heart of the city. Registration, catering and some of the main events will take place in the Samuel Beckett Centre in the middle of the campus. Some other events will take place in the Long Room Hub, and in the Science Gallery.

There will be seven simultaneous locations for presentations: two in the Science Gallery, two in the Long Room Hub and three in the Samuel Beckett Centre. An upstairs room in the Science Gallery will host a marine installation, as well as a marine workshop and presentations about marine life. The Paccar Theatre of the Science Gallery will host a programme of short films and presentations about films. The Long Room Hub will generally host papers on philosophy and literature. In the Samuel Beckett Centre, the Samuel Beckett Theatre will host the keynote lectures and presentations about theatre and performance; Room 20 in the Museum Building will generally host papers about plants/flora/fauna on Friday and these will then move to the DU Players theatre (directly above registration in the Beckett Centre) on Friday and Saturday; and the Samuel Beckett lecture room will host presentations about artistic work.

We are intending to create a small Irish artists’ exhibition in the Ideas Space in the Long Room Hub and host two artistic installations in 192 Pearse St (access from the campus), one being a seismic sound experience by Stephen Hurrel and the other being a virtual reality refugee experience by Ellie Hoey. The conference banquet will take place at 7.30 pm on Saturday evening at the Ely Bar and Grill, next to the River Liffey.

There are also two pre-conference events taking place at 6.30 pm on Thursday: the National Gallery is hosting a conversation with the Irish artist Willie Doherty, and the Irish Film Institute is showing the new film “Earth” directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter. For more details, see the events menu. See map:

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