Keynote speakers

Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths College, UL), author of Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene (2014), Non-human Photography (2017) and The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalyse (2017) 

Cary Wolfe (Rice University),  author of What is Posthumanism? (2010), Before the Law: Humans and Other Animals in a Biopolitical Frame (2012), and Art and Posthumanism (2019) 

Anna Tsing (University of California at Santa Cruz and Århus University), author of The Mushroom at the End of the World (2017) 

Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art/University of Southampton), author of A Geology of Media (2015),  The Anthrobscene (2014) and Insect Media (2010) 

Una Chaudhury, Director of New York University’s Centre for Experimental Humanities and author of The Stage Lives of Animals: Zooësis and Performance (2017)

Monika Bakke (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznán), author of Bio-transfigurations: Art and Aesthetics of Posthumanism (2010, in Polish)

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